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The Creative Kids Bubble is created and built by two accredited teachers who hold one dream -driven by a strong passion for teaching and watching students learn and absorb new skills to help them succeed in the future. We’ve always had a dream to give back to the community and valued our job to teach the future kids of this world.

The meaning behind the ‘bubble’ is that we all have our own talent in this world, and sometimes it takes us being on our own and in our own space, or so called in our ‘little bubble’, to unlock it and release it to the world, even if it’s just under our own roof.

All students have the capacity to unlock their own individual creativity and dominate using their fine and gross motor skills. This is what all our kits and products aim to do for school aged students aged between 4 – 18 years. Each kit showcases different complexities and learning outcomes dependent and directed towards the individual student.

As we are both teachers with a combined 10 years’ experience under our belt, we have really tried to create the most value-packed, resourceful and engaging packs possible with our own lesson plans. We pride ourself on feedback just like any teacher, and would love to hear your feedback on each of the products purchased in order to better our packages, improve customer satisfaction and expand our success!

We aim to start with teaching kits and selling educational items, then move onto offering further services like online tuition (tutoring) and then moving onto Active Kids programs. One dream offering many opportunities.

You will be amazed with what students can do when you give them a paper and pen, or any one of our kits!


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